gif pokemon pokemon gif My art animation blaziken i love pokemon mega evolution mega blaziken omega ruby pokemon remakes alpha saphire did i mention i love pokemon bananimator

bananimator: Pokemon GIF Blaziken Mega Evolving into Mega Blaziken! :D So excited for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

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I wanted to post this when Smash Bros was released. You do the Froakie-Poké And you turn yourself a. Touch down turn around

Mewtwo Mega Evolution X-Y|Animation by Slowtho

Here it is, Mewtwo and his mega evolutions It took me a while because I'm also working on commissions and I try to make the evolutions in be. Mewtwo Mega Evolution X-Y

Lucario <3

Lucario <3

I see just like in real life, the whites are at the top.