Interesting technique and d reign. But what to do with it?

Broomstick lace but the thing they use looks like a nail file. Hmm maybe I could make broomstick lace without buying an actual tool for it :) awesome crochet stitch

pretty crochet flowers!,الزهور الكروشيه جميلة!,güzel tığ çiçekler!,lule me…

crochet flowers and leaves - beautiful and with a chart, but looks like it would be hard to assemble

Способ вязания с бисером, паетками.

Способ вязания с бисером, паетками.


Chic Crochet Scarf – DIY < this is cool and all, but no one wants a scarf that's been touching your dildo.

Crochet Easy Rose Free Pattern

Valentine's Day Crochet Flowers Free Patterns