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Feminism by lilliesandroses Más Women can overcome every pain, women can do anything, women can love because women have big hearts and brave souls and there are so many proofs in the world about that!

Keep Your Filthy LAWS Off My Silky Drawers // 24x18 by drawnbymary

I would LOVE to go see it and Seattle. But if not I also hope that this exhibit travels so that I, and many others, can experience it. - 50 Protest Posters Designed By Women Amplify The Voices Of Resistance

feminist cat

In memory of my beautiful Clementine, who didn't take anyone's shit. She was one bad mamma-jamma.

Smash the Patriarchy Art Print Painting Art Floral

Smash the Patriarchy - Art Print - Painting - Art - Floral - Folk - Feminist - Revolution

Which is essentially just another form of oppression, and on a smaller scale is how abusers get their way when abusing you, by telling you how you should react to their abuse, or telling you how you are reacting--fighting back? Calling them out?--is not how you should be reacting. On all scales, it's nothing more than a way to silence the victim.

Do not tell the oppressed how to react to their oppression, feminism, intersectionality, equality

The holiday season might be a capitalist conspiracy, but sometimes even revolutionaries like presents.

We All Can Do It poster,

Intersectional feminism is key. Artist Valentin Brown reimagines the famous Rosie The Riveter iconography.

And none of this has anything to do with 'being pretty'.

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