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Practice your skills for delicate surgical work on Vault Boy! Remove his Dogmeat Breath, fix his Nuka-Cola Knee Cap, take out his "Adam" Bomb, cure his Mister Handy cramps, and more. But don't touch his insides or you'll set off the RADS meter!

If we ever get robot butlers make mine a mister hand please

Mister Handy from awesome game Fallout I made it completely in Illustrator.

Fallout lootcrate

Fallout lootcrate


Fallout 4 Companion Valentines Card

Haaaaaa, funny everytime I see this....bc it's true.

This is fairly accurate. I tend to drop off for long stretches when playing Fallout games.

Just one of the many amenities of home that Vault-Tec can provide! Be comfy, cozy, and safe from nuclear annihilation underneath the soft fleece of the Vault 111 door. Tuck in and prepare for the best nap of your life!

Fallout Vault 111 Round Blanket

This Fallout Vault 111 Round Blanket will let you sleep for a long, long time. When you wake up, you may be greeted by a radioactive wasteland.

Fallout Emoji Collectible Pin Set 1 of 7

Fallout Emoji Collectible Pin Set 1 of 7

Finally got around to finishing this off! An homage to the American BB rifle the Red Ryder, and its classical promotional art. The Red Beamer sure is great- it's Vault-Tec's Favourite Junior Advanced Energy Rifle! Zap those radioactive

#Fallout #Mentats #Box #Storage #Costume #Prop #Distressed #Fallout 3 #Etsy #Handmade

#Fallout #Mentats #Box #Storage #Costume #Prop #Distressed #Fallout 3 #Etsy #Handmade

I wanted draw own poster so vault girl with her nuka, still I didn't played newest DLC, damn.