Sweet white chippy birdhouse with pink cottage garden flowers

City bird houses

bird house colorful birdhouses Removing Bird Of Paradise Blooms: How To Deadhead Bird Of Paradise Flowers

Awesome Bird House Ideas For Your Garden 114 #birdhouseideas

Awesome Bird House Ideas For Your Garden 114 #birdhouseideas

Delightful!......the birds are such a wonderful, entertaining, and pleasurable  part of my garden, why not accomodate them.

You could put any kind of bird food in the bottom of this bed &breakfast bird-house/ bird-feeder.

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Can use the "moss paint" idea in my gardening album to "grow" the concrete balls.) Concrete balls nestled in shade garden.

Cute birdhouse, so that when swallows will come back, they'll find thir home!

Cute little birdhouse with heart shaped hole for birds to go through. Beautiful purple Clematis climbing pole to birdhouse. Just love of paradise

Whimsy in the Garden-purple flowers in purple pots. Border on the edge? Would they grow out there in front?

Potted in this row of purple pots with all shades of purple flowers. What about potting a variety of flowers in pots the color of the flower. It would look great on a deck! Love the purple!

Garden Birdhouse by Pam House, via Flickr

Garden Birdhouse by Pam House. This is nice but something needs to go around below the house, like wire mesh, to keep cats away.

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