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SFZoo11Dentzel Outside Row Stander Roached Mane Style

Carousel horses – dapple grey

San Francisco Zoo Carousel Dentzel Outside Row Stander "Roached Mane" Style National Carousel Association Logo © Aaron Shepard Date of picture: April 2004


Thessaloniki, Greece // caaaaan't wait till April to see my international friends again

These poor dears spend their day walking the same paths over and over, so much so, that given the LEAST bit of sign that even SUGGEST they should do so, they complete their circuit and walk the path and back again as if on remote control. Well THAT is what is happening to us. -Unasleep

"I want a Merry-Go-Round for my birthday not one ride not two. I want the life size thing"

The Grand Ole Carousel Roman Chariot with Eagle

National Carousel Association - The Grand Ole Carousel - Roman Chariot with Eagle