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20 εξοικονόμησης χρημάτων συμβουλές κηπουρικής

20 Money-Saving Gardening Tips (From Pinterest)

Repurposed Greenhouse

How to build a DIY greenhouse with plastic water bottles step by step tutorial instructions DIY water bottle green house . instructions here -Ana-white – DIY water bottle greenhouse building guide

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Cold frame built with bales of straw pages and pages of pictures of coldframes and greenhouses.

the GeoDome greenhouse:   Very unique, lightweight structure Stable in wind and under snow Optimal light absorption Has the most growing ground space A unique h…

How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse

I believe I want a Geo-Dome! How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse March 2013 · by Anna · Northern Homestead

How to Build Your Own Keyhole Garden  (Really good explanation of what a Keyhole Garden is and How it Works)

How To Build Your Own Keyhole Garden

The Valhalla Project: Have you ever heard of a garden that waters and fertilizes itself? We certainly had never heard of such a thing until last week when we stumbled across a short video showing women in Africa building a "keyhole garden.

....small garden area, try this..Pallet trellis...perfect for squash , cucumber, tomatoes..pinned to "It's a Pallet Jack" by Pamela

Pallet Trellis

Image from http://littleecofootprints.typepad.com/.a/6a00e55397a5c28834011572028daa970b-pi.

When wandering though the garden yesterday – I was very happy to see how well my straw bale garden bed is going. I started this garden as a trial. My garden can get very water logged in winter so I.

raised bed

Grow up - stair like planter boxes make it possible to grow an edible garden without a lot of space. This is an idea for the dead space in front of our decks at the cottage Sue!

mini-raised beds

Tips Gardening: Ideas : Mini-raised beds like the herb garden idea! by čaroban trenutak

Reuse an old milk metal bucket and create a splash in your garden with daisy flowers ! So cute !

Natural Milk Splash

Cool landscape idea for front yard. Dont cry over spilt milk.very cute front yard idea!

42 Stunning Garden Bed Edging Ideas That You Need To See

42 Stunning Garden Bed Edging Ideas That You Need To See

Great idea for early planting in raised beds - concrere mesh and poly to cover turns it into a mini greenhouse

Niki Jabbour - The Year Round Veggie Gardener: Mini Hoop Tunnels in Summer. // another way to build mini greenhouses.

Great idea

Neaten up your soaker hoses - use quick releases for easy winter pickup - Gardening Life Today

How To Grow Herbs in Pots & Containers | Herb Gardening Guide

How To Grow Herbs in Pots & Containers - Great list of how to grow lots of different herbs, grow them indoors and more. this is a great go to for planting ! Even tells you veggies and flowers that benifit from being planted with certain herbs as well

I'm going to walk you through a very popular terra cotta pot crafts project — how to make "Pot People". These garden art decorations can be as small or as large as your imagination and garden space allows. Use smaller pots for a child-size figure; larger pots for adult-sized figures. You can even make "Pot Animals"

Terra Cotta Pot Man Project, instructions on how to make a clay pot person