This is bright and unusual manicure that will not leave anyone indifferent. The combination of a relaxing pink with sharp black and white lines creates a c

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Геометрический маникюр, Двухцветный маникюр, Идеи маникюра 2016, Идеи маникюра красный с черным, Красивый маникюр 2016, Маникюр лето 2016, Маникюр с завитушками, Маникюр с узором

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Интересный маникюр

Two super trendy tricks are used in these nails: on the one hand it is mosaic, reminding us of Tiffany .

Colorful striped manicure symbolizes youth and summer explosion of colors. Yellow and pink covering adds charm to it, it highlights the brightness of color

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💖Easy and bright linear nail art today!💖 Products used: 'Alpine Snow' 'Daisy Know My Name' and 'Bottoms Up' Black acrylic paint 'Matte Top Coat' All polishes are from

Polka Dots anyone?

The option of nail design, which will reveal your originality is a combination of lemon polish shade with a pattern on a black background. Of course, for o

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Spectacular snow-white manicure is complemented by unusual stained glass patterns. This colorful painting on the nails of medium length adds them brightnes

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The eige shade of nail polish is a real classic. This color emphasizes the tenderness and beauty of the skin on the tanned hands and is perfectly suitable

Двухцветный маникюр, Идеи летнего маникюра, Идеи маникюра 2016, Красивый маникюр 2016, Маникюр для лета, Маникюр лето 2016, Маникюр под летнее платье, Маникюр под синее платье Shades of blue rainbow, after the rain, taking a swim, water play.

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Yellow & pink ombre nails using foil :: :: #nail #nails #nailart #manicure

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Spring nails

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Beautiful moon manicure with milky white lunular is not as simple as it seems to be at first glance. Its ...

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