VISIT GREECE|Luxury resorts and high-end residences, 5-star deluxe hotels and state-of-the-art facilities, excellent service and top-notch professionals, provide for an unforgettable experience in the lap of #luxury! #greece

Somewhere in Santorini, Greece:) Beautiful. Imagine swimming in that pool with this view.heaven:) This is exactly why I want to visit Greece!

VISIT GREECE| Greek fish

axxx to elliniko fagito einai to kalitero


my greece loves.

VISIT GREECE| Monastiraki square, Athens. Monastiraki (little Monastery) is an old part of Athens city, which nestles under the Acropolis. Monastiraki square is the hub of life around here and the main street leading off takes one to narrow streets with many artifacts to buy and sell!

A for athens hotel, terrace view.

VISIT GREECE| What about some ouzo and greek traditional delicacies  #ouzo #beverages #spirits #gastronomy

Ouzo and Greek traditional delicacies

VISIT GREECE| Thessaloniki,Greece in spring

Thessaloniki,Greece in spring: I've been here and it looks this beautiful all year round.

VISIT GREECE| Halkidiki #mainland #destination #beach #summer #greeksummeris

VISIT GREECE| Halkidiki #mainland #destination #beach #summer #greeksummeris

VISIT GREECE| Greek #coffee is a strong brew, served with foam on top and the grounds in the bottom of the cup. Although it can be made in a different pot, the traditional small pot is best because it allows the proper amount of foam, which adds to the unique taste.

Have a wonderful morning, with a Greek coffee.

VISIT GREECE| Halkidiki #mainland #destination #beach #summer #greeksummeris

Travel to Halkidiki, discover the 5 elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Aether) and see the world through Aristotle's eyes.

VISIT GREECE| Galaxidi, #Greece

Traditional village since the jewel of Fokida, the graphic of Galaxidi, will travel through colors, light and the vastness of the sea.

Visit Greece | Skiing

Skiing in Greece is a wonderful experience. Find out more about ski resorts in Greece and get ready to hit the slopes.

Visit Greece |#Zakynthos (#Zante) is a verdant island endowed with fertile valleys and a temperate climate (area: 406 sq. km; coastline: 123 km). Its landscape diversity has resulted in different types of beaches: there are sandy beaches in secluded coves where the tranquil waters are deep blue on the island’s southeastern part; yet, if rugged cliffs and an interesting underwater world are to your liking, try the western part of the island.

זקינתוס יוון – סיפור שראוי לספר..!!! Zakynthos Greece – worth while story

Welcome to Navagio Beach aka Shipwreck Cove on Zakynthos Island, Greece. One of the most beautiful places on the planet. Welcome to Navagio Beach aka Shipwreck Cove on Zakynthos Island, Gre