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Giovanni Segantini「Le Azalee」(1884-85)

The blue vase circa 1889 Paul Cézanne

Francisco de Goya - Frutas, botellas y pan
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Francisco de Goya - Frutas, botellas y pan

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"Professional Wardrobe for All Ages Outfit: 10" by vanessa-bohlmann on Polyvore featuring River Island, Warehouse, Givenchy, mizuki and Wet Seal

Greece, early 4th Century BC, bronze, partially gilt,Mirror box with head of Athena. Cleveland Museum of Art

Rachel Ruysch (1664-1750), 'Flower still-life' (first half of the 18th century)

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Jan Frans van Dael (Flemish Painter, 1764-1840) Vase with Flowers, Grapes and Peaches 1810