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a man sitting at a table with a bottle and stuffed animal in front of him
a man with blue eyes is looking at the camera
the man and woman are walking down the street together, one is wearing black sunglasses
a man with red hair wearing a leather jacket and white collared shirt is looking off to the side
The Vicarious Voyager on Instagram: "Here’s wishing you a Happy Samday with this Sam photo dump! Credit: all media outlets /owners + @randallsllavin; @92ndstreety @outlander_starz @samheughan @nobleman. 🚫No reposts to feed. Stories welcome. #samheughan #samheughanfans #hotscot #jammf #jamiefraser #outlanderseries #outlandercast #outlanderfans"
a man wearing a hat and smiling at the camera
Sam 💙🔥
a man sitting on top of an elephant in the woods
a man with sunglasses and suspenders is holding a fish in his hand while standing next to some trees
Sam Heughan
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a man standing next to a wooden fence in the woods with another man behind him
Jamie S7
a man wearing sunglasses and a hat standing in front of a body of water with grass
Sam 💙❤️‍🔥💙
Sam the fisherman 😎
a man standing in front of a wooden wall holding a microphone to his chest and smiling
a man sitting on top of a gray couch holding a microphone in his right hand
Sam Heughan
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