Finishing Techniques for Knit Fabric - Mad Mim

How to sew knit fabrics. mad mim stretch yourself finishing Finishing Techniques for Knit Fabric // Stretch Yourself

how to finish a neck binding - I always forget this.

How to sew single neck bind, single V-neck bind, double binding, and inside double binding.

Tips and suggestions for sewing neck binding on knit fabric garments, at

One of the most difficult parts of sewing knit fabric tees and shirts is sewing neck binding. Learn some tips for applying a neckband in our Sew-Along!

Coverstitch and Chainstitch: Free Video Tutorial

See what a coverstitch and chainstitch overlocker serger can do! Best for swimsuits, dance costumes, gym wear

Twin needles = mock coverstitch (tutorial)

How to Fake a Coverstitch with a Twin Needle – DIY Sewing Technique Tutorial