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ArchiCAD Tip #19: Taking materials from SketchUp to ArchiCAD

I'm a really big fan of the default materials in SketchUp. Here's a video on how to take them SketchUp to ArchiCAD.

kitchen rough plumbing diagram - Google Search

Brady Home Services - Plumbing Vents I should note that the toilet should have its own vent. In this picture it is wet vented (as in, the horizontal part meets with the sink's drain before the toilet has its own vertical line upward to vent).

Learn about the principles of venting. Find tips and information on vent types, installing vents, installing vent pipes, catch basins, the main drain, venting options, and more. From DIY Advice.

When planning a remodel that requires plumbing, venting is one of the most important considerations. Discover must-know information on vent types, pipes, catch basins, and more venting tips.