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the loft bed is built into the wall and has stairs leading up to the second floor
a bedroom with a bed, shelves and lights on the wall next to each other
Restyling di una casa su due livelli - progetto di una casa under 40
an open kitchen and living room with stairs leading up to the dining area, which also has blue walls
Sloft + - Sloft Magazine
a bed sitting in the middle of a bedroom next to a couch
Apartment in St. Petersburg
three different views of a bed and table
25 Multi Functional Furniture Design Inspiration - The Architects Diary
a bed with drawers underneath it and a window in the back ground, next to another bed
Подиум, второй ярус, кровать-чердак
an overhead view of a bedroom and living room in one floor plan, with furniture on the other side
ON LORENA - Jardins
a room with a bed, couch and pictures hanging on the wall in front of it
Спальня в нише: 6 способов оформить ее красиво и удобно
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Smart studio 35m2.