The Wild Tulips of Chios: "Lalades" "Λαλάδες - Χίος"

The location of Raga is in chios island, near of tholopotami village. The raga is a cannyon with many wells, which is calculate that happen about 1000 - From…

The Wild Tulips of Chios. There are four species of wild tulip on Chios. They flower in March and April, flooding the meadows with a sudden flush of colour.

The Wild Tulips of Chios: "Lalades" "Λαλάδες - Χίος"

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M7M Productions Polo Shirt...

A short film produced for a project of the University of the Aegean. Directed by:George Mandelenis DoP:Panagiotis Mavrakis Script:George Mandelenis,Panagiotis…

Dimitris & Eleni | Wedding Video Trailer #wedding #film #greece #chios #trailer

Interview with Emma Davie

A day in the life of the Village Tholopotami at Chios,Greece one fine December day. Enjoy this time lapse video from early morning till late evening.

Ποδηλατοδρομία Θολοποταμίου - Bicycle Race at Tholopotami Chios

commercial spot for OuzoFest @ Lesvos Island

Documentary Film About Taekwondo

Commercial Spot About GreTIA Program