Panos Mitsios

Panos Mitsios

PANOS L. MITSIOS Photographer/ Camera Operator/  ACSP A Fat Cow | Photo Production/ Video Services |l|lllll|lll||ll||lll|| ²¹°¹³²¹³ °¹²¹³¹³
Panos Mitsios
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The secret wooden Japanese table with 100% storage by Naoki Hirakoso features subtly abstract lines traced around the sides of this otherwise plain and linear box.

Artists Naoki Hirakoso and Takamitsu Kitahara built this wooden surface called the Kai Table, complete with a bunch of "secret" compartments -- probably mo


WT is a minimalist design created by Tokyo-based designer CONSENTABLE. The leg of the table is equipped with a x gutter that allows for cables to be wired and hidden

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