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#354 Dodecahedron – Hmm. Platonic solids. So great. – A new minimal geometric composition each day

The Dodecahedron is a platonic solid containing 12 faces with 20 vertices and 30 edges - 5 intersecting cubes. Symbol in Sacred Geometry of Ether (Aether) or the universe/heaven. from geometrydaily: Dodecahedron - minimal geometric composition

Digital artist Paolo Čerić is currently studying information processing at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Croatia where his experiments with processing and digital art have resulted in a steady stream of fascinating animations which he publishes on his blog Patakk.

Some more Ultra Cool Digital GIF Animations, this time by Patakk who's used Processing, one piece of software I want to master one day, as well as the usual Modelling, Motion & Image programmes Cinema After Effects and Photoshop.