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When I making holiday candy I like to have a few quick and easy recipes. But, I still want them to be really good. This recipe fits that category. It is so easy and yet so good. I have made this several times over the years and it is always a hit. This recipe is so easy even the non cook can do this one. […]

Tiger Bark via Lynn's Kitchen Adventures. I like to add plain white chocolate as a swirl and press chopped salted peanuts into the bark before it cools and hardens. Which makes Crunchy Tiger Bark.

Such a beautiful picture!  It warms my heart <3

I love the strong emotions in this picture. Typically the lioness is the one in charge, the one who hunts and takes care of the babies but here she surrenders, gives up her power momentarily to engage to the lion's sweet play.


Guides may use the form of an Animal to communicate with you. Animal Guides are powerful messages. When Animal Guides come, listen to your instincts. Observe your totem. Is it land, air, water, or combination of some elements.