Fotos from greece
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three boats are in the water with hills in the background and houses on the shore
a man is walking down the steps to his house with blue doors and flowers on it
a potted plant with red flowers sitting in front of a stone building next to a door
an outdoor table and chairs on a wooden deck overlooking the ocean with greenery overhanging it
Σκύρος: τα έχει όλα και συμφέρει!
pink flowers are blooming on the beach by the water's edge and hills in the background
Beach in evoia Greece
there is a river running through the woods by the water's edge with trees on either side
River,evoia Greece
a wooden table sitting on top of a patio next to a large swimming pool with an ocean view
Marmari#evoia Greece#
a body of water surrounded by mountains and blue sky in the middle of an island
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Marmari beach, South Evia Island_ Greece
there is a sandy beach with mountains in the background and clouds in the sky above
The way you see#marmari#evoia#Greece#
a rainbow is seen in the sky over boats
an island in the ocean between two large rocks
a sailboat in the ocean with an island in the background
Marmari, Evia, Greece
two ducks are standing on the beach at sunset
a man sitting on a chair next to two cats and a suitcase with the ocean in the background
Marmari Evoia Greece
a starfish is laying on the rocks by the water