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Polizangel Yangich
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Answer:in the Japanese her knockers are like twice the size they are in the American release

The rainbow is perfect. XD

Me:*sips apple juice and spies on them* Mike:Your gay Faith:Da heck? Mike:Once again your gay

Taste the rainbow bitch Gay Quote

Being Gay quotes - Some may not understand it in fact I'm one of those some but its not right to judge they love each other and thats all that should matter Read more quotes and sayings about Being Gay.

I'm personally not gay but this is still funnies

support gay rights. "Exposing "innocent" children to gay relationships won't make them gay. I was exposed to straight relationships, and yet, I'm still gay.

I wish my parents did this... But I think they knew For a while

If my kid ever comes out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual or transgender I'm going to kick them out of the house. for a few hours while I organise a coming out party! I was scared because I didn't scroll down