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5 Active Release Technique Benefits, Including Lowered Pain & Increased Performance

Relieve Joint Pain & Improve Performance with Active Release Technique Relieving tight muscles and trigger points can make a big difference in reducing joint stress. That's why you should consider active release technique.

Acupuncture Benefits http://www.draxe.com #health #holistic #natural

6 Ways Acupuncture May Benefit You: By Dr Axe Through headache, back pain, insomnia relief, cancer recovery and even preventing cognitive decline, acupuncture has a large amount of benefits associated with it. Fertility boost may also be included.

Understating Trigger Points - Pain inside the shoulder-blade when seated while slouching

Pain along the inside of the shoulders is seldom rhomboids. Trigger points in the scalenes, iliocostalis thoracis, infraspinatus and lower trapezius are much more likely. Look closely at the sectio…