Heilige Stefania Марина Казакевич Heilige Stefania Марина Казакевич

Фотиния Светлана

St Photini [Svetlana] of Samaria / Фотиния Светлана

Св. Злата

Holy Martyr Zlata of Maglen / Св.

painted icon of holy queen alexandra

This icon of Holy Queen Alexandra can be painted using acrylic or tempera paints. Painted icons to order in the Catalog of St Elisabeth Convent

St Photini [Svetlana] of Samaria / Фотиния Светлана patron saint!  Her day is 22nd December.

Saint Anastasia the “Deliverer from Potions” century) Patron saint of martyrs, weavers, and those suffering from poison. In this image, she even looks like "our" Anastasia!

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