Homemade Lemon Jam

Homemade Lemon Jam

You can have this refreshing lemon jam at breakfast with butter, spread it on biscuits or top your lemon cake with it.

candied lemon zest

Candied lemon zest makes a lovely garnish for summer desserts. It also makes a damn fine addition to summer cocktails.

Orange Spoon Sweets

Greek Homemade Οrange Spoon Sweets - Greek Homemade Οrange Spoon Sweets - It is…

Baby Fig Spoon Sweet (Sikalaki Gliko)

Preserved Green Figs: Jar of greek fig spoon sweet, sikalaki gliko, but also a South African favorite.

Glyko Melitzanaki me Grenadini (Eggplant with Grenadine Spoon Sweet)

Glyko Melitzanaki me Grenadini (Baby Eggplant with Grenadine Spoon Sweet)

Quince spoon sweet

Spoon sweets are wonderful morsels of jammy goodness served all over the Balkans, Middle East and parts of Russia. In the old days a woma.

Autumn chestnut preserve! Glyko tou koutaliou!

sweet chestnut preserves: With a low glycemic index, suitable even for diabetics

grape spoon sweets

Grape Spoon Sweets (Stafyli Gliko)

Spoon sweets - fruit suspended in thick syrup - are a simple Greek dessert that can be jarred and preserved for homemade holiday gifts.

¨Sweet Spoon¨ authentically Greek syrupy fruit preserves

Traditional Cretan Christmas and New Year Desserts

Give a Gift of Homemade Greek Sweets: Spoon Sweets - Glyka tou Koutaliou

Glyko Kerassi (Cherry Spoon Sweet)

Glyko Kerassi (Cherry Spoon Sweet)