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What type of women do men want today? Is the society killing the image that men have about women or giving them a greater choice?

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Laughter is the best medicine. It’s a general cure for any disease and a significant recipe for a healthy life. To deal with addiction problems, it is very important to laugh.

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You Are an Indifferent Ex - What Kind of Ex-Girlfriend Are You?

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Third day in Sao Paulo, here is what I wore for the first day of brazilian shows: white jeans, Luiza Barcelos sandals and Maison About printed shirt.

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Learn why we are literally happier, healthier, and less stressed on the weekends, and find ways to get more of these benefits during the week.

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Deus se importa com a minha dor - Bing Imagens

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Huffington post, Huffpost healthy living Article: "How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps"

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Beauty Sleep Is Real—and Here's How to Make Sure You're Getting Enough

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Some of these are terrible and dangerous and some are great. 50 Unpredictable And Non-Clichéd Places To Travel To In Your