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Amanda Sleeveless Dress
an empty parking lot next to a concrete building
Office Solvas / GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten
Office Solvas / GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten
the shadow of a person walking in front of a brick wall with lattices on it
Brick grates are set into the walls of this Bangkok house
Ngamwongwan house in Bangkok by Jun Sekino
a building made out of bricks with plants in the foreground
Gallery of Rose House / Baracco+Wright Architects - 4
Rose House,© Rory Gardiner
shadows cast on the walls and floor of a building
the building is designed to look like it's made out of metal
Lamiera forata MEVACO per la nuova sede TWILS
the stairs are made of wood and have slatted panels on them as well as glass
Tianjin Sino-Canadian Ecological Exhibition & Reception Center by CCDI Progressive Atelier, Tianjin – China
an exterior view of a building with grass in the foreground
In Indonesia, Angled Partition Walls Slice Through The Contemporary Facade Of JJ House - IGNANT
an architectural rendering of a tall building with windows and people standing in the doorways
a building with wooden slats on the side
Gallery of Luxury Village and Mercury Theatre / Meganom - 9
Gallery of Luxury Village and Mercury Theatre / Project Meganom - 9
the interior of a building with many circular holes
Metal perforated. Secondary skin. Shadow. Issi villas, seminyak Bali.