Pepi Papazafiriou

Pepi Papazafiriou

Pepi Papazafiriou
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DIY super easy (no-sew) knit circle scarf.The circle scarf has become a staple in everyones wardrobe. Infuse the essential chunky knit to stay cozy and au currant. Continuous knit circle scarves can be worn long and loose or wrapped up right.

not sure how you get the pearler beads onto the headphones, but a great idea, keeps them from tangling or, even better, getting torn or chewed!

GREAT KID/TEEN PROJECT- Earbud decorations for your ipod or iphone - all you need are some pearler beads, earbuds scissors.

DIY iPad Cover + Stand Tutorial

DIY iPad Cover And Stand: Make your own iPad case out of an old binder and some fabric! Also note that the tutorial doesn't cover it, but if you place a small magnet just right you can turn off the iPad by closing the cover.