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Many would have thought Gran Turismo 7 would be the next step for the long running driving sim franchise but Sony and Polyphony Digital have thrown us a bit of a curve ball announcing GT Sport for the

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Sony announced the new God of War game at their presser, with 10 minutes of the gameplay trailer. Where Kratos teaches his son to hunt, but creatures and troll block their way and fight them.

Phil Spencer (Xbox) réponds á Sony : Project Scorpio annoncé trop tôt ?

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Hitman is getting a 'Summer Bonus Episode' to tide you over until Episode With Marrakesh in the bag, Square Enix is providing a special…

Sony unveils Resident Evil Biohazard with PlayStation VR support at Sony's 2016 press conference. The game will be playable on the PlayStation VR. Check the trailer below:

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