Many would have thought Gran Turismo 7 would be the next step for the long running driving sim franchise but Sony and Polyphony Digital have thrown us a bit of a curve ball announcing GT Sport for the

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'Gods walk the earth' in new Norse God of War, Ragnarok confirmed?: 'Gods walk the earth' in new Norse God of War, Ragnarok confirmed?

Phil Spencer (Xbox) réponds á Sony : Project Scorpio annoncé trop tôt ?

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Hitman is getting a 'Summer Bonus Episode' to tide you over until Episode With Marrakesh in the bag, Square Enix is providing a special…

Do Ocidente: escritor de Spec Ops: The Line fará roteiro de Resident Evil 7

Malboro é revelado pela Square Enix, e está presente em Final Fantasy XV

AMD has always been the cheaper alternative to Intel’s processors, but with its latest generation of mobile chips, it’s also .

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