St. Moses the Ethiopian

Today the Orthodox Church commemorates Saint Moses the Black! (New Calendar) Saint Moses Murin the Black lived during the fourth century in Egypt. He was an Ethiopian, and he was black of skin and therefore called “Murin” (meaning “like an. | St. Euphrosyne of Alexandria | 8"x10". Commissioned by St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church, Ann Arbor, MI.

Euphrosyne didn't want to marry the man her father picked out for her.

Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria

Saint Evlogios the Bishop of Alexandria.

The 38 and 33 Holy martyrs of Sinai and Raitho

The Holy fathers slain at Sinai and Raithu are saints venerated together on January 14

Acepsimas, Martyr of Egypt

Acepsimas, Martyr of Egypt

Eupraxia of Tabenna

St Gregory the Wonderworker of Neocaesarea - Orthodox Church in America

Euphrosyne of Alexandria

Euphrosyne the Ascetic - September 25

Mary of Egypt

Mary of Egypt - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America