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Im your gran:)Share Gif:

Im your gran:)Share Gif:


This poster displays a range of emotions accompanied with a matching emoticon in text form. With the popularity of texting, these smilies certainly grab the students attention. Each emoticon is labeled accordingly.

F***ing technology! And WHY must passwords expire?! I don't have six of em I can remember and rotate!

My work password requirements. But make it multiple different usernames & passwords for each different system & clinic. All with different requirements & different time frames for new passwords. It's so frustrating!

Feels Bad Man / Sad Frog | Know Your Meme

We show you the weirdest, most baffling Pepe the sad frog memes in this funny Smosh gallery!

Am I the only one that read this in a Kermit voice wut

I don't have a younger sibling,.but I just thought this one was funny cause of pepe xD

Controversial rare Pepe

Comment added by davidavidson at Rare Pepe's, Get Yer Rare .

Katy Pepe

Katy Pepe "I know a place. Where the pepe's really greener