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John Simm And Michelle Gomez Discuss Missy And The Master's Relationship In Doctor Who

Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker is named as Doctor - the first woman to take the role. I am so excited! I love this actress! She was amazing in Broadchurch and Return to Cranford. I can't wait for the Christmas special!

The closing moments of this evening’s Doctor Who series 10 finale revealed that this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special will be a multi-Doctor adventure featuring the current Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and the First Doctor (David Bradley).

how i love Arthas

Blizzard has scrapped Titan. The next MMO, the successor to WoW and its dwindling numbers (however still making impressive bank)

We Shun The Sun

Starcraft II from Blizzard Entertainment and Sins of a Solar Empire from Iron- clad Games allow gamers to set the level difficulty for computer opponents and thus allows the gamer to decide what difficulty of competition they can handle.