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Crunchy Cream Puffs (Choux Au Craquelin) 💛
2hr · 12 servings Delicious cream puffs with crunchy cookie topper filled to the brim with vanilla custard cream. This choux will definitely be your new addiction! INGREDIENTS Craquelin: • 3/4 cup (85g) Light Brown Sugar • 6 tbsp (85g) Unsalted Butter • 2/3 cup (85g) All-purpose Flour • Pinch of Salt 1. In a mixing bowl, mash together butter and light brown sugar using a spatula until smooth and creamy. 2. Add flour and salt and mix until combined. 3. Place the dough in between 2 parchment papers and roll it out to 3mm in thickness. 4. Freeze for at least 1 hour. 5. Cut into 2-inch rounds discs (keep in the freezer until ready to use) Choux: • 1/2 cup Water • 3 tbsp (43g) Unsalted Butter • 1 tsp (5g) Sugar • 1/4 tsp Salt • 1/2 cup (64g) All-purpose Flour • 2 Large Eg
Amaretti Cookies
soft and cheesy mozzarella stuffed bread
Discover delicious and easy food recipe ideas to satisfy your taste buds. From appetizers to desserts, our collection of mouth-watering recipes will inspire you in the kitchen. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner cook, find inspiration and elevate your cooking game with our diverse selection of recipes.
Homemade Chicken Wonton Soup
Dive into the comfort of Chicken Wonton Soup! This recipe features tender, homemade wontons in a savory broth, perfect for a warming and delicious meal.
Marinated Olives
"Kebab Cravings: Succulent Bites of Juicy Perfection!"
"Unlock the secret to the most tender and flavorful kebabs! Dive into our juicy kebab delights, charred to perfection and dripping with delectable marinades. Skewer, grill, and relish every bite. 🍢🔥 #KebabKingdom #JuicyJoy"
Baked chicken rolls: the tasty idea for the whole family! - YouTube
a man holding a plate with food on it
Nico Pallotta on Instagram: "Creamy Dill Potato Salad ⭐️ GET RECIPE: You'll love this creamy dill potato salad recipe because it's made with simple and healthy-ish ingredients, it's comforting with classic flavors, and it's creamy yet light and refreshing. The star of this dish is, without a doubt, the dressing. We tested several variations over the years but landed on one that combines an irresistible velvety and creamy texture with a fresh tang and herby notes. We use a combination of mayo and Greek-Style yogurt (note that you can use vegan mayo and non-dairy yogurt if you prefer). ⭐️ INGREDIENTS: 2 pounds (1 kg) potatoes boiled, peeled, and cut into bite-size chunks 2 ribs celery thinly sliced 1 cup (120 grams) radishes thinly slic
Easy Carrot Cake (vegan + frosting)
Our vegan carrot cake is an easy-to-make, one-layer cake with simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. It's packed with flavor, with just the right amount of moistness. Unlike most carrot cake recipes, ours does not contain a ton of sugar or oil. Try it, and you'll never bake any other carrot cake again!
Lentil Pasta is an authentic Italian Dinner Idea!
Lentil pasta or pasta with lentils is a nutritious, tasty, and wholesome Italian recipe (pasta e lenticchie) where the lentils and the pasta are cooked together in one pot. It's a perfect main dish for lunch or dinner, and the recipe is very easy. In addition, it's kids-friendly and contains all the macros to keep you healthy and satiated.