too often, we continue to seek a definition of ourselves through the eyes of those who abused us. those eyes are not yours and cannot see the essence of your soul. seek to value yourself in your own terms, and know, know they did not break you.

Moving On Quotes : Never run back to what broke you. Clear your mind here - Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring. - Hall Of Quotes

When Souls Meet

Long distance is no match against fate, destiny and soul mates- The Nostalgia Effect book

14 inspiring quotes to get you through anything.

14 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Through Anything

A quote that describes the one who is worth the wait ♥ Hold out for that remarkable connection and your path will intersect with true love. Wait for the one who will PURSUE YOU.

And what would the point be? Because I can't see you or be with you? Every step I make is being tracked and watched. Yet I still wish I could hear your voice and be a part of your life. I want to know you're ok. I want to tell you what is going on with me. I just miss you. Sigh.

Changing one word and this is absolutely true for me "when" i talk to you, I fall in love all over again. I fell in love with her over a cup of coffee and wonderful conversation and I still do every time we talk :)

Greek Quotes

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