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Install a countertop so you have a place to fold clothes as they come out of the dryer. Ideally, it should be right above the dryer to minimize steps. If that's not an option, bring in a table or cart that's tall enough for you to work on while standing up. #laundryroom #stonebacksplash

Having a for folding right above the dryer is pretty much the best thing ever. The stone wall is a nice addition too! Also back splash in the laundry room


Carrie Bradshaw apartment floor plan - in case any one wanted to recreate the Sex and The City apartment of every girl's dreams.

Tincan pop up restaurant by Amanda Levete, London UK restaurant

awesome London& Tincan Restaurant: Renowned architecture firm AL_A elevates canned seafood into a modern meal

If this had a "sucksIf this had a "sucks" under the laundry sign, it would be perfect… Adorable laundry room." under the laundry sign, it would be perfecAdorable laundry room.

"How To Think Like An Architect: Designing From Organic Form" - while I'm not a fan of generic form making, this short video is useful in illustrating how you use ambiguous models to generate forms, and how you layer paper to start refining your ideas.

Santa Barbara architect Barry Berkus shows us how an organic form can provide inspiration for designing and drawing a building. Berkus demonstrates his preli.

luv it

Built-in bunk beds is a great idea to preserve space. The built-in book shelves also help to create more storage for toys, books and etc. The first step of the ladder has been eliminated in order to add under bed storage/trundle.