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Dow Jones Industrial First Highs between 1900-2017. -The new highs are always formed in between 5 months (November to March).. #Dow #Stocks #Indices #Trading

#Gold moving higher -Towards its mean price..

The innovative TCI indicator forecasts the US Dollar Index (#Forex, #USD, #Currency) -FROM TRADINGCENTER.ORG

It looks like the Global Currency War turns to a Global Corporate-Tax War.. More phases of this battle will emerge in the next few years..

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Crude Oil Perspectives 2016 for (chart from Alpari) #OIL #CRUDE #USOIL

GBP under selling pressure #GBP #Forex

Things are really difficult for Deutsche Bank these days. The German Bank is over-exposed in the US shale gas industry, from which more bankruptcies are expected in the near future. It has also the greatest exposure to derivative products than any other bank in the world. The Deutsche Bank exposure in derivatives exceeds $54 trillion. The Deutsche Bank has a capital equivalent to only 2.68% of the value of its assets. Note that the 7 banks with the highest level of risk are all in Europe…