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a woman sitting on top of a bench next to a bee flying over her head
luffy minecraft
a boy laying in bed next to a stuffed animal
an anime character with his mouth open and eyes wide open
★ luffy. (gear 5)
a person with a big smile on their face holding a knife in front of him
Luffy ep 157
an animated image of a boy with his mouth open and wearing a yellow cowboy hat
One piece
monkey d luffy luffy smile first episode of one piece one piece one piece - 01 one piece - episode 01 luffy nami zoro coby #onepieceanime #onepiece #zoro #luffy #animeicons
⭑.◦໑∿ ◦ ★ . ⋆𖦹°
a cartoon character with big eyes and an angry look on his face
an older man with his mouth open and tongue out
gear 5th luffy one piece icon - ep 1100
an image of a cartoon character wearing a green monster costume and pointing at the camera
luffy icon ♡
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