The Grand Budapest Hotel Poster, Artwork by Jordan Bolton - A3

An original artwork for Wes Andersons The Grand Budapest Hotel, made by recreating unique objects from the film. For Live Guild @ Zilker Capri (Apt Grand Budapest Hotel)

Silence of the Lambs Poster by Florian Bertmer  (Onsale Info)

"Silence of the Lambs" Regular Edition by Florian Bertmer – Grey Matter Art

great movie. great line.

Kat: You know what pisses me off? Ive been spilling my guts all weekend and I dont know anything about you. Nick: Im allergic to fabric softener. Im majoring in comparative llterature at Brown. I hate anchovies. I think Id miss you even if wed never met.

Silence of the Lambs

I was recently commissioned to create a print for a pop up screening this Halloween weekend, showing Silence Of The Lambs at Cardiff Castle.

A woman who smokes is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.  She feels and see the proof every time she lights up, the creamy smoke delivering a satisfying rush of nicotine as men and women alike steal hungry glances.    A woman's devotion to her sexy, cosmopolitan smoking lifestyle is a seduction they can't resist.

Cheongsam (Qi Pao旗袍) in Chinese films - The Flowers of War (金陵十三钗)

period dramas

period dramas

In the Mood for Love

‘in the mood for love’, 2000

In the Mood for Love // Wong Kar Wai // Cinemaphotography by Christopher Doyle