Candice Swanepoel on point ♥ *those legs* One of the fittest,most toned,taut,pneumatic most beautiful bodies in the world ; girls please do not use her as 'inspo'. It's impossible to replicate Candice's superslim yet curvy appearance. She just got lucky in a freakish exceedingly rare genetic happy accident. Please be comfortable in your own bodies,whatever the size.As Spinal Tap once chauvinistically sang "the deeper the cushion,the better the know what I mean." ;))

Candice Swanepoel on pointe a fit body is a happy body - i might not look like her at my most in shape, but i will look my best. don't be afraid of a strong body! strong is beautiful!

Wow, just wow…. this is called an Air Chair. I can do it - but I've only tried it by hanging from a hand, not an elbow. Oye.

"Air Chair" aerial shoulder mount position, pull arm down behind your head (as far as you can), hook elbow, lift legs then try letting go of the hooked arm

dance     I like the emotion this creates and possible story line idea

One day I’ll write a story about a dancer. It would take a ton of research since I know nada about ballet or dancing, but there is just something so evocative and sexy about dancers…so full of beauty.

Betty Grable

Actress-vocalist, Betty Grable - (December 1916 – July - Birth name: Elizabeth Ruth Grable - Birth place: St. Louis, Missouri - Place of death: Los Angeles, California - Wife of bandleader, Harry James

#BalletintheStreetsofPortugal #Ballet #Streets #Portugal #Dance #Photography

#BalletintheStreetsofPortugal #Ballet #Streets #Portugal #Dance #Photography