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Sample Page 1 - Career Paths: Environmental Engineering

Career Paths: Environmental Engineering is a new educational resource for environmental engineering professionals who want to improve their English communication in a work environment.

Engineers like Stanford Civil and Environmental engineering Prof, Richard Luthy says it's possible to purify sewage water until it's cleaner than much of what residents drink today. But the bigger challenge, they say, is convincing people to drink it.

Direct water reuse is definitely in our future. This infographic shows the steps of the process so that you can understand what type of treatment the water gets.

Infographic - United States Environmental Impact via Enviance

Have you ever wondered what 25 billion styrofoam cups looks like? What about 314 million metric tons of carbon dioxide? Check out this infographic for a sobering look at the environmental impact of carbon emissions, pollution and waste in the United State

What can I do with a degree in Environmental Engineering? (Infographic)

Are you currently majoring in or graduated with a degree in environmental engineering? Then learn about the many career options you can explore in this infographic about what you can do with a degree in environmental engineering.