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...uhh, the title explains.
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the cover of forgotten girl names with nickanes written in black and white letters
150 Forgotten Vintage Baby Girl Names With Nicknames (Best Character Names)
Discover vintage girl names for book characters. Find unique, beautiful & rare girl names with cute nicknames. Use these elegant, old fashioned names & cute nicknames for girls as writing inspiration & prompts for your female characters. Whether you need ideas for a book character or rp, these aesthetic female names & middle names will make your writing come alive. Let these sweet, cute, vintage, girl names ignite your creativity for your next writing project! old lady girl names.forgotten names
a purple poster with the words you know you're a writer when you've created random quotes in your head
you know you're a writer when...
"Even when the clouds are grey and you want to just hide, be outgoing, smile and make someone else's day great even when yours isn't." -Kiley Bug
the quote you can make anything by writing c s lewis
C.S. Lewis #Writing #Inspiration