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Иконопись Зураба Модебадзе. Фото из интернета.

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IMP-03-01-49 St Mary Magdalene

This waist-long icon of St Mary Magdalene, Equal-to-Apostles, can be painted in the Icon Painting Studio of St Elisabeth Convent using either acrylic or tempera paints

Icons of the Venerables 4

Check out our Bible Illustrated project! [youtube channel] [site] [facebook] [patreon] Venerables galleries: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [next 10] Back to Venerables galleries Back to the Main Page St. Nicholas of Myra St. Anthony the Great and St. Paul of Thebes St. Basil the Great St. Basil the Great St. Paul the Apostle Inspiring St. John Chrysostom St. John Chrysostom St. John Chrysostom St. John Cassian St. Spyridon St. Gregory Thaumaturgus

Равноапостольная Нина, просветительница Грузии

Жизнь и труды апостолов – Св. равноапостольная Нина, просветительница ГрузииЖитие равноапостольной Нины, просветительницы ГрузииСвятая Нина была племянницей Иерусалимского патриарха Ювеналия. Она с юности всем сердцем возлюбила Бога и глубоко

Expozitie 2019 - Lucrari

IMP-04-01-39 St Simon the Myrrh-Streamer

The icon painters of St Elisabeth Convent will paint an icon of Saint Symeon the Myrrh-Streamer, the King of Serbia, for you based on your preferences

прав Иоанн Русский | ПОДЛИННИК онлайн

прав Иоанн Русский - 052.jpg

АПОСТОЛ ОТ 70-ТИ ТИМОФЕЙ ЕФЕССКИЙ, ЕПИСКОП... | Воскресенское Новоиерусалимское подворье



Сайт храмовой живописи Антона и Екатерины Дайнеко ikona-skiniya.com

Saint Amphilochios Makris Resource Page

St. Amphlochios Makris of Patmos (Feast Day - April 16) Elder Amphilochios Makris of Patmos Elder Amphilochios Makris as the Founder of the Convent of the Annunciation in Patmos The Apolytikion, Kontakion and Megalynarion of St. Amphilochios Makris Chanted in Patmos Synaxarion for the Translation of the Relics of Saint Amphilochios of Patmos 80 Sayings of Saint Amphilochios Makris Translation of the Relics of Saint Nektarios the Wonderworker in 1953 Icons of the Spiritual Children of Saint…

The Living Icon

Editor’s Note: This essay was originally written in Russian by master iconographer Anton Daineko of Minsk, Belarus. It beautifully explores the paradox of creativity within iconography from the ver…

Sfântul Ioan Iacob Hozevitul | LIBRĂRIA BONIFACIU

Sfântul Ioan Iacob Hozevitul. Icoană litografiată.

The icon of Saint Elijah of Makiivka

Portfolio: icons in churches and private collections.

The Morning Tips of Saint Nicodemus the Hagiorite

A Christian is subjected to spiritual warfare throughout his life. One person is more likely to have it more often than the other, but everyone is struggling with thoughts that can revolt against us at