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a person dipping some food into a white container with sauce and cheese on top,
Easy Mozzarella Sticks (Air Fryer)
This delicious Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks are a cheesy and gooey dish with an extra punch of flavor. These mozzarella sticks are a twist on the classic. You can share this with family and friends for lunch or dinner and it may become a favorite.
two bowls filled with cookie dough and chocolate chips on the top one bowl is full of cookies
Protein Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough (Low Carb)
Protein Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough (Low Carb)
chocolate peanut butter protein balls stacked on a plate
Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls — Salt & Baker
The best protein balls recipe ever! These chocolate peanut butter protein balls are the perfect healthy snack. They're filling, portable, and perfect for as a low calorie snack. Great for meal prep too.
an apple sliced in half with the words low calorie baked apples on top
Baked Apple Chips (Low Calorie)
Make these healthy snacks and eat low-calorie foods easier. These apple chips are a perfect low-calorie snack to keep yourself going throughout the day. These healthy baked apple chips are perfect when you need a low-calorie recipe that could be used for healthy meal prep.
a white bowl filled with energy balls on top of a blue table cloth and text overlay reads date energy balls dairy - free, gluten - free, whole
Date Energy Balls
These naturally sweet date energy balls make the perfect gluten-free snack or healthy dessert for your healthy diet. These healthy sweets are super filling to help you stay full longer and avoid unhealthy snacks. These energy bites are healthy and kid-approved. #Dessert #snack #nobake
an apple and chocolate pizza on a plate with the words plant - based apple nachos
Healthy Apple Nachos (Viral Recipe)
You can discover more sweet snack ideas for your healthy meal plan like these delicious healthy apple nachos. This quick and easy healthy apple snack is easily customizable to appeal to even the pickiest eaters! It's a yummy healthy treat that's vegetarian or even a vegan recipe.
crispy ranch chickpeas are an easy and delicious appetizer for any occasion
Crispy Ranch Chickpeas
Crispy Healthy Roasted Ranch Chickpeas recipe. The perfect crunchy easy, protein packed healthy snack or use as a salad topper. Friendly for vegans, clean eating and gluten free. / Running in a Skirt