100 Ways to Say Great! This is perfect- I always need help with this when grading papers! SO helpful!! :)

Upscale your vocabulary: 100 ways to say Great-would love to do these posters with synonyms as decor even at study or homework area

180+ Power Words for #Writing Emotional #Headlines

How to Write Emotional Headlines to Get More Shares - CoSchedule

Write Emotional Headlines with these power words; Awesome list for creating effective headlines for your posts.

Learning how to use the prepositions of time in on at

Learning how to use prepositions of time in on at. This grammar lesson also shows examples of how to use them in a sentence. This site has also many more resources on grammar.

الاستفهام - شعر بيان الصفدي

الاستفهام - شعر بيان الصفدي

Learn Food Quantities in Arabic with audio for pronunciation

The best place to learn Arabic as a second language and dialects in a way you can use it in conversation, business and daily life.

List of Common Prepositions free printable

free list of common prepositions for reference. Try STARTING sentences with prepositions to make them more interesting.