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fofi k

Greece / We cannot control the wind. We can direct the sail
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But we do it anyways, and we're grateful for the opportunity to improve…

Nike Air Max 1 Premium "Elephant Print" (Desert Camo & Ghost Green)

This is 100% our family motto! DINKLOT! (Double income, no kids, lots of travel!)

Serena Williams quotes

You have to believe in yourself when no one else does - that makes you a winner right there. #Fitgirlcode #motivation #fitspiration

Perseverance Quote: I may not be there yet, but...

UMM THIS IS AMAZING! I love it :) I wish they would make more places wheelchair accessible ... this is a fantastic idea, it's artistic, and accessible and that is just Awesome.

Maria Sharapova Australian Open Nike outfit for the upcoming 2016 championship

Dual Income no Kids (DINK)

X-ray tennis player #tennisart