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an illustration of a small house with a red roof
House mushroom picker by Mariko-chan94 on DeviantArt
an animated house with lots of decorations on the roof and windows, in front of a black background
flower shop, Goeun Kim
an image of a bunch of food that is on top of the ground with leaves
Fruit Houses, Charlène Le Scanff (AKA Catell-Ruz)
ArtStation - Fruit Houses
two different images of an octopus in a fish bowl and another image of a house with plants growing out of it
Props01 by walachnia on DeviantArt
Props01 by walachnia on DeviantArt
a drawing of a house made out of wood and various things on the ground, including an umbrella
TEST DESIGNS, krishna raju
ArtStation - TEST DESIGNS, krishna raju
a small wooden house sitting on top of a green field
Wagon (caravan), Aleksandr Liapsin