Japanese Streets

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an alley way with benches and lamps lit up at night in the rain, surrounded by greenery
The Classy Issue: Photo
an alley way with steps leading up and down
Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Japan ・東山、金沢
there is a dog that is walking down the stairs in this alleyway, and it looks like he's going to climb
( ゚毒゚)<路地の街とか色々行ってきたんです。 : カシャっと速報
an alley way with buildings and power lines above it in the distance, on a rainy day
✓ DEAD POEMS | taekook
an image of a narrow street with buildings and plants on the side walk in front of it
A quiet side street in Tokyo, Japan [1280x1792]
A quiet side street in Tokyo Japan [1280x1792]
an empty street is lined with trees and buildings in the rain, surrounded by greenery
Kyoto, Japan
an alley way with many buildings on both sides and a lamp hanging from the ceiling
One Giant Step - That's All It Takes -
ponto-cho dori kyoto
an old run down alley with graffiti on the walls and steps leading up to it
Favela Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro Foto: Andreas Richter #AndreasRichter #Director #Photographer