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a person holding flowers on the handlebars of a bike
Daisies. Sometimes simple is better.
a cardboard box filled with lots of different types of apples and plums in it
two wooden chairs with wine bottles and glasses sitting on them in front of a graffiti covered wall
a person riding a bike with flowers in the basket on the handlebars,
Photo (Britta Nickel)
Photo (Britta Nickel)
an easel sitting on top of a bed next to paintings and paintbrushes
an open book is laying on a hammock in the woods with a blanket and pillows
Solitary 💐
#books #quiettime #nature
a glass bowl filled with liquid and ice
two glasses of wine, bread and cheese are sitting on a rock in front of leaves
several wooden chairs and stools in a room with paintings on the wall behind them
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a violin sitting on top of an open book
et pax Dei exuperat omnem sensum