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Друзья, с выходными вас!

Друзья, с выходными вас!

This Pulitzer Prize winning photo is called: The Kiss of Life...It shows a power lineman felled by 4,160 volts of electricity that stopped his heart. Because of the quick action of his co-worker, he was given back his breath and life. This photo was published world-wide.

The Kiss of Life by Rocco Morabito. This 1967 award-winning photo entitled "Kiss of Life" shows two power linemen, Randall Champion and J. Thompson, at the top of a utility pole.

<b>Uma comovente coleção de fotografias icônicas dos últimos 100 anos que demonstra o coração partido da perda, o tremendo poder da lealdade e o triunfo do espírito humano. Aviso: algumas farão você chorar.</b>

"Wait For Me Daddy" by Claude P. Dettloff October 1 A line of soldiers march in British Columbia on their way to a waiting train as five-year-old Whitey Bernard tugs away from his mother's hand to reach out for his father.

Beethoven von Lazar Binenbaum. Verlag Hermann A. Wiechmann in München

Verlag Hermann A. Wiechmann in München

The tempestuous love affair between Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis

Maria Callas et Aristote Onassis - she loved him till the day she died, she was crushed when he married the most famous woman in the world. But he always went back to her even when he had the famous JK in his life.

EVGENIA GL ARI ONASSIS AT DINNER IN MONTE CARLO The Greek shipowner Aristotle Onassis photographed during a dinner in a restaurant in Montecarlo by that time his official residence Onassis docked...

The Greek Bilionnaire Shipowner Aristotle Onassis Stock Photos and Pictures