12 Interesting And Useful Daily DIY Ideas

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LOVEJOY: Hazel Cox

DIY inspiration: thin metal disk, cut in half and hole punch along edge. Tie thread into tassels. Attach to earring backing, or necklace chain.

inspiration: jewellery by Kelaoke

fr Tutos et fournitures pour le Do It Yourself ★ Jewellery by Kelaoke. These necklaces are now available at . I'm so excited - They're in such beautiful company!

Boulder Opal Neck Cuff ~ Patricia McCleery

Boulder Opal Neck Cuff by Patricia McCleery --love boulder opal so much

How to make polymer clay bracelet

F*ck polymer clay. It smells bad, is not environmentally friendly and not very strong. That being said this is a good size for a ceramic bangle form (inside side only).

Earrings | Patti Wells. Red brass and sterling silver

patti wells earrings red brass and sterling silver "stack", sterling silver loops--do in clay maybe with waxed linen holding elements together

disc earrings by autoctona!

I’ll take a giant, cast-copper disc accessory with laser-etched hieroglyphic symbols. Available at shopstandingup.