La Grèce éternelle aux yeux des peintres

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Greek Independence Day, national holiday celebrated annually in Greece on March… Greek Flag, Go Greek, Greek Life, Patras, Battle Of Crete, Greek Independence, Greece History, Greek Warrior, Greek Culture

March 25 - Eleftheria!!!!

A big holiday here.... March 25th - both the day of the Annunciation and the day of Greek Independence.... freedom from the hated Ottoman Turks in 1821. It was a perfect day for a parade - a sunny crystal clear day and the streets were full of children waving flags, street vendors hawking balloons, flags, and food, and row after row of proud young marchers in school uniforms or gorgeous historic costumes. The flag of Greece has not changed since the revolution against the Ottoman Empire in…

Portrait of Pavlos Melas by Georgios Jakobides (Greek Hellenic Army, Caucasian Race, Greek Dancing, Greek Independence, Greek Paintings, Art Nouveau, Greek Warrior, Great Works Of Art, Exotic Art

Georgios Jakobides - Wikipedia

Portrait of Pavlos Melas by Georgios Jakobides (Greek 1853-1932).....Pavlos Melas (1870–1904) was an officer of the Hellenic Army, and was among the first to organise and participate in the Greek Struggle for Macedonia. On October 13, 1904 he was killed after being surrounded by Ottoman forces in the village of Statista, which was renamed Melas in his honour.....

View Young girl with headscarf By Nikolaos Gyzis; oil on canvas; Access more artwork lots and estimated & realized auction prices on MutualArt. Greek Paintings, Greek Beauty, Greek Art, Chiaroscuro, Beautiful Paintings, Art World, Oil On Canvas, Illustration Art, Fine Art

Gyzis Nikolaos | Young girl with headscarf | MutualArt

Νικόλαος Γύζης (Nikolaos Gyzis), "Young Girl with Headscarf"

The shepherd, by Theophilos Greek naif artist Painter Artist, Artist Painting, Gouache, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Street Art, Greek Design, Outsider Art, Naive Art


Ο Θεόφιλος Χατζημιχαήλ ή Θεόφιλος Κεφαλάς ή Κεφάλας, όπως ήταν το πραγματικό του όνομα (Βαρειά Μυτιλήνης, 1870; – Βαρειά Μυτιλήνης, 24 Μαρτίου;...

Τάσσος. 1989 Classical Period, Classical Art, Ancient Greek City, Greek Paintings, Hellenistic Period, 10 Picture, Greek Art, Wood Engraving, Color Of Life

Ελιές.Το Μάζεμα.

"Συγκομιδή" Τηλέμαχος Κάνθος,ξυλογραφία,Κύπρος 1962 "Λιο μαζώχτρα" ,λαδοτέμπερα,1972 , Βάλιας Σεμερτζίδης «Λιομάζωμα...

Alice's lamp Caiques (tempera on hardboard) Exarchia Confectioner's " ΤΟ ΛΟΥΞ" (acry. Artist Painting, Artist Art, Art Paintings, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Greece Painting, Street Art, Call Art, 10 Picture

Αιδ' εις Αθήναι ...η πριν πόλις

«Η ιστορία των πόλεων είναι η ιστορία της ανθρωπότητας. Μέσα από τη μορφή που διατηρεί κάθε πόλη διαβάζεις τις αξίες, την παράδοση, ...

Νίκος Εγγονόπουλος;] Εξώφυλλο του περιοδικού «La Mode Greque», την Aνοιξη-Καλοκαίρι του 1940/Πελοποννησιακό Λαογραφικό Ίδρυμα (Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation) Painter Artist, Artist Art, Bistro Design, 1940s Fashion Women, Greece Painting, 1940s Woman, Greek Fashion, Fashion Cover, Women's Fashion

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αν τα πράγματα δεν πάνε εξ αρχής τέλεια δεν θα πάνε ποτέ τέλεια

Byzantine art and post Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Painter Artist, Greek Art, Orthodox Icons, Artist Gallery, Conceptual Art, Art Object, Religious Art

Ο Κόντογλου και οι Τούρκοι

Ο μαστρο-Φώτης γεννήθηκε στη Μεγάλη Στεριά της Ανατολής, στο Αϊβαλί, κάτω από την Οθωμανική τυραννία, στα 1895. Παρά το ότι στις ελληνοπρεπέστατες Κυδωνίες η τουρκική παρουσία ήταν πολύ περιωρισμένη, εξ αιτίας των ιστορικών προνομίων της πόλεως, δεν ήταν δυνατόν να…

"Ο ήρωας Μιλτιάδης Γιαταγάνος" του Θεόφιλου Χατζημιχαήλ. 1932. Συλλογή Μουσειου… Greek Art, Old Greek, Greek Traditional Dress, Greek Independence, Greece History, Empire Ottoman, Greek Paintings, Photographs Of People, 10 Picture

"Ο ήρωας Μιλτιάδης Γιαταγάνος" του Θεόφιλου Χατζημιχαήλ. 1932. Συλλογή Μουσειου…

Alexander the Great killing the cursed serpent Cyrus The Great, Alexandre Le Grand, Alexander The Great, Greek Art, Saint George, Ancient Civilizations, Contemporary Art, Folk, Royalty

Συλλογή | ΤΕΧΝΗ

Μακεδονική Καλλιτεχνική Εταιρεία στη Θεσσαλονίκη

yannis tsarouchis images | ... : Τσαρούχης Γιάννης - Yannis Tsarouchis [1910-1989 Greek Paintings, Wolves And Women, Queer Art, 10 Picture, Months In A Year, Art Inspo, Folk Art, Contemporary Art, Drawings

yannis tsarouchis images | ... : Τσαρούχης Γιάννης - Yannis Tsarouchis [1910-1989